A Home Away from Home with Southlands' Homestay Program

Southlands Christian Schools Homestay Program

Providing Safe & Loving Homes

Southlands’ homestay program provides international students with a healthy home and a family environment in which to thrive. Host families create a family atmosphere so students are well taken care of, loved, and supported during their stay at SCS. Whether international students are here for a short-term stay during our Summer Camp program or while they’re attending school, international students will feel right at home with our families.

We carefully perform a background check of host families both nationwide and statewide. Host families are interviewed and homes are inspected to ensure they fit the criteria as a host family. Approved host families are committed to ensuring that students have a great and positive experience in America. We hold orientations for all host families to train them on how to assist international students in assimilating to their temporary home and culture. Our homestay director can be contacted by the parents, homestay, and students at any time. Our program is designed to give parents who are far away peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe environment and are well taken care of.